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Subscription and Payments

Cryptuoso Subscription

What I'll get after subscribing?

With Cryptuoso Subscription you will be granted access to fully automated cryptocurrency trading on a pool of 200+ robots managed by selected portfolio with automated rebalancing and performance analysis.

There are no restrictions on trading volume, positions or deals.

No additional fees on your trades.

Fixed subscription pricing with discounts for longer subscription period.

Can I use your service for free?

You have access to Cryptuoso Trading Signals provided by Cryptuoso Trading Bot in our Telegram Channel.

A signal for opening a deal tells you the deal type (short/long) and asset price to open a position. A close signal tells you what to do with the asset, depending on the type of position (sell/buy), and price to close trade.

In the channel, you will receive signals from a specially selected optimal portfolio, which is also periodically updated from a pool of more than 200 robots for maximum profit and minimum risk.

Every signal you see is used by our robots that trade automatically (available on paid plan).

How do you recieve payments?

At the moment we only accept cryptocurrency payments via Coinbase Commerce. You can securely transfer your funds to one of the cryptocurrency addresses in:

  • BTC - Bitcoin
  • BCH - Bitcoin Cash
  • DAI - Dai
  • ETH - Ethereum
  • LTC - Litecoin
  • USDC - USD Coin

How my payment processing works?

When you want to pay for your subscription, Coinbase will display instructions on how to send funds directly to us, and monitor the blockchain for your transaction.

After a valid payment is detected, we will be notified and update your subscription status on our end.

All payments facilitated by Coinbase Commerce are fully decentralized and peer-to-peer. This means that the cryptocurrency goes directly from your wallet to our wallet.