Getting Started | Cryptuoso Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

Getting Started

What is Cryptuoso?

Cryptuoso is a cloud service that helps traders and investors automate cryptocurrency trading by using trading robots.

All of our 200+ trading robots use pre-configured carefully tested and manually selected trading strategies and do not require any additional settings.

Cryptuoso Portfolios is combination of those robots assembled to meet your diverse needs.

Which Exchanges are supported?

We support trading only on Binance Futures cryptocurrency exchange.

You can contact us and we are ready to discuss special conditions for supporting other cryptocurrency exchanges.

How can I use it?

Manual Trading

You can use Cryptuoso Trading Signals provided by Cryptuoso Trading Bot in our Telegram Channel @cryptuoso as indicators in your trading and make your trades manually.

Automatic Trading

Attach you cryptocurrency exchange account (Binance Futures) to our trading bot for automatic trading. Trading bot automatically execute all deals for you, so you only need to keep track of the current positions and your trading performance.

Cryptuoso Trading is available as Telegram Bot @cryptuoso_bot.

Cryptuoso Trading Web App is under development.