FAQ | Cryptuoso Cryptocurrency Trading Bot


What is Cryptuoso?

Cryptuoso is a cloud service that helps traders and investors automate cryptocurrency trading by using trading robots.

All of our 200+ trading robots use pre-configured strategies and do not require any additional settings

Why are you trading on Binance Futures?

There are many reasons, some of them:

  • Huge selection of cryptos
  • One of the most liquid derivatives exchanges in the market
  • Have low fees and commissions
  • Great uptime and strong reputation over the years
  • One of the most secure trading platforms
  • Binance offers support in 17 different languages with an incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use user interface

How your free plan works?

On free plan you have access to trading signals. Signals are published automatically to Telegram Channel.

A signal for opening a deal tells you the deal type (short/long) and asset price to open a position. A close signal tells you what to do with the asset, depending on the type of position (sell/buy), and price to close trade.

There are more than 200 signals available for you to subscribe to. Yes, every signal you see is used by our robots that trade automatically (available on paid plan).

I am new to crypto trading. Will your platform be useful for me?

Cryptuoso is perfect for beginner investors. To start trading, you don't need to create your own strategy for the robot as similar platforms require. Just connect your account on exchange to Cryptuoso and start trading. Our support center guides will help you to get started with few simple steps:

  • Registration on the exchange (if needed)
  • Connecting the exchange to Cryptuoso
  • Selecting and launching you trading portfolio

Our support service and community chat are always ready to help you.

Please note that if you choose the free plan you will need to execute trades by yourself. To do this you will need to explore interface and features of your's exchange.

Do I have to transfer my assets to your platform?

No, you do not need to transfer your funds to our service. Your assets are stored on the exchange of your choice and we only manage them by accessing them via API-keys.

API keys have different settings and we only need permission to execute a deals. So please do not flag a permission to TRANSFER funds with an API key to avoid any possible issues.

I trade manually. Why should I use your robots?

There are many reasons, let's discuss the top 3.

1 - Time

Cryptocurrency exchanges run 24/7 and it is physically impossible for a person to trade on them without any interruptions or breaks.Robots can easily solve this problem.

2 - Emotions

Emotions make it easy to make a mistake and execute a high-risk trade. Robots have no emotions and their actions are based only on accurate calculations.

3 - Performance

A robot takes decisions many times faster and more accurately than a human.

Why is Cryptuoso better than other similar platforms?

Look at the 3 main advantages of Cryptuoso:

1 - Our robots are all based on preconfigured and well tested strategies. So you don't need to invent a strategy every time, backtest it hundreds of times and only then start trading. Needless to say, that it is impossible to create a truly advanced trading algorithm in any service, as we do through coding.

2 - With Cryptuoso you have access to over 200+ trading robots: they use various strategies, exchanges, currency pairs and timeframes. It would be hard to find such a wide selection anywhere else.

3 - Cryptuoso users have no restrictions on:

  • Trades amount
  • Opened positions amount
  • Trading volumes

Also, we do not charge any fees on your turnovers.

Why do you share your winning strategies with other people?

We created these robots for ourselves, and over time we realized that they have high business potential.

We continue to invest through our service - each co-founder uses more than 20 robots in his personal portfolio. Earnings from Cryptuoso are an additional source of income. Just risk diversification :)

Why were you in the beta version for so long?

It is important for us to achieve a high quality of product to not disappoint our users. That's why we polished Cryptuoso before we revealed it to a wide audience :)

How much capital do I need?

We distributing your capital among several robots in portfolio so you need more than 200$ on your cryptocurrency exchange account.

Do you guarantee that I will make profit with your signals/robots?

We cannot guarantee any profits as that would be a scam. Based on historical trading data of our strategies we can declare that our robots are effective for medium and long term investments.

We have a completely transparent trading history - most of our robots have been trading since 2017. We do not hide bad trades or even unprofitable robots - everything stays in the history.

We run several robots and distribute assets among them, so we're diversifying the risks and increase the chances of getting the desired profit.