Binance Futures account configuration | Cryptuoso Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

Binance Futures

We are going to explain here how to create an account at Binance, how to deposit funds and how to give your account the API keys allowing it trade.

Register an account

  • Go to Binance account registration and register new binance futures wallet if you have not already.
  • Our referral code: cryptuoso (If you already have an account type referral code "cryptuoso" in Futures section and you will get a 10% discount on trading fees.)

Enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

A pop-up should appear on the screen the first time you log-in, and immediately enable 2FA to increase your security.

Deposit funds to your account

Go to your deposit page or buy crypto.

Transfer funds to your Futures account

  1. After entering Binance Futures trading page, click Transfer
    Transfer funds
  2. Select types of funds you want to transfer into your Futures account. Fill in the amount of fund, then click Confirm Transfer.
    Confirm transfer

Create a Binance API key

  1. After logging into the Binance account, click [API Management] in the user center drop-down box. After entering the API management page, set an API key (ie API name), and click [Create].
    Binance API

  2. Use the following restrictions.
    Recommended restrictions

    IMPORTANT! Use the keys you create only in Cryptuoso account to prevent ban from Binance. It is essential that you store your API keys in a secure location and treat it like a password. Anyone with access to your API keys can take control of your account.

    IMPORTANT! Don't give us withdrawal permissions!

Using an API Key

API keys consist of a public/private key(secret) pair, both of which must be provided to our software.

Cryptuoso Trading Telegram Bot

  1. Go to the @cryptuoso_bot in Telegram
  2. Go to 👤 Account / 🔑 Link Exchange Account
  3. Select Exchange "Binance Futures"
  4. Enter your API Key
  5. Enter your API Secret (Private Key)
  6. Wait till you API Key Pair will be tested. Cryptuoso Platform will create and immediately cancel order to test your keys.
  7. Now you can start automated trading in 🏠 Main Menu / 📈 Trading section.